The Mission

The mission: make journalism more responsive to the public’s needs and more inclusive of the public’s voices and diversity, by helping journalists, educators, and students who share these values find each other, find resources and best practices, and find support and mentorship.

Who's Behind Gather

This project + platform is made possible through the generous grants
from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Democracy Fund. Thank you.



The Gather platform was co-designed in collaboration with our steering and advisory committees, which include journalists, technologists, researchers, and engagement practitioners. Our fantastic steering committee members are:

Andrew Haeg
founder and CEO of GroundSource

Andrew Rockway
program director at the Jefferson Center

Ashley Alvarado
manager of public engagement at Southern California Public Radio

Carrie Watters
contributions editor at the Arizona Republic

Chris Faraone
co-founder of Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ) and editor of DigBoston

Heather Bryant
JSK fellow at Stanford

Jake Batsell
associate professor at SMU and author of Engaged Journalism: Connecting with Digital Empowered News Audiences

Jeanne Brooks
senior advisor to the Local News Lab and co-founder of Shine Squad

Michelle Ferrier
associate dean for innovation at the Scripps College of Communication and president of Journalism That Matters

Niala Boodhoo
startup host and executive producer of The 21st

Pamela Behrsin
senior editor of audience and engagement at CALmatters

Peggy Holman
co-founder of Journalism That Matters and author of Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity

Rodney Gibbs
chief product officer at The Texas Tribune

Simon Nyi
program manager for media and journalism at Illinois Humanities

Subramaniam (Subbu) Vincent
Tech Lead, The Trust Project, Santa Clara University

The steering committee also includes the seven members of our core working group:


Andrew DeVigal
project executive director and chair in journalism innovation and civic engagement at Agora Journalism Center, the gathering place for innovation in communication and civic engagement, at University of Oregon's School of Journalism & Communication

Regina Lawrence
executive director of the Agora Journalism Center

Ben DeJarnette
curator / project and product manager

Joy Mayer
community manager and engagement consultant

Yve Susskind
evaluator and co-owner/principal of Praxis Associates, LLC.

Keegan Clements-Housser
project producer and freelance journalist

Justin Yuen
tech advisor and founder/president of FMYI