We put together a few screencasts on Gather to walk you through
some of the great features that await you on the platform.

Case Studies and Featured Projects
Gather case studies are detailed write-ups that examine what worked (and what could have worked better) for a particular engagement project. Featured Projects are inspiring, innovative examples of engagement that we hope to eventually turn into full case studies.

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Lightning Chats
Lightning Chats are 30-minute video calls where we discuss a shared challenge, brainstorm ideas around a project, or learn more about a case study. They’re typically held twice a month, and topics are proposed by Gather staff and community members.

Community of Practice
In short, a community of practice is a group of practitioners who organically come together around something they do. Members of these groups improve their skills – and the skills of the group as a whole – by interacting with one another, sharing insights, and solving problems collaboratively.

Gather Favorites is a tracker that we've curated and grouped together to highlight some of the best features of the platform.